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Paid survey sites

I am receiving surveys continuously from following survey companies specially after this Global Financial Crisis, when many financial companies are eating Dust. You just need to have an interest in Finance and they will keep you busy. Free paid survey sites are listed below. The list is free and at the time listed, none of the sites charged fees for joining their consumer panels. Additionally, none were intermediaries that charged fees for lists of paid survey sites. Join all of these sites as their feedback are really good . I have received Checks from these sites personally.

Day by day coming news of new company going down bring new surveys. You can also make some money out of it. Join Them Now!!

Click on site names to open them-

1. Survey 4 Profit- Earn cash of up to $250 for each paid survey you complete, plus coupons and chances to win big prizes. Examples include plasma-screen TVs, iPods, computers and cars. Owned and operated by Sayforexample, Inc., a company involved in Internet ventures including online marketing research. For US, Canada, UK & Australia.

2. PermissionResearch- Another great site that keep me busy. I receive at least one weekly survey from them of good amount. This is one of the site I believe in because I don't like to receive surveys of small amount. So PermissionResearch brings me those surveys which I like to fill out for my time as they always make a good offer.

3. Survey Strategy This is another favorite of mine.. as they also pay very good for most of the surveys. Most of surveys are of high amount. Provides best surveys and frequency is also very good.

4. M&Ms Survey- I have received some of the very occasional cool surveys from M&Ms Surveys, their surveys are not too complicated.

5. Paid eSurvey- This is one of the best sites that I have recently added to my list because being in there have been such a good experience as the scenario of surveys are changing, they have come up with some of the best ideas.

More sites information will be added as we keep looking for you to return.

I hope i will add another site soon as i am waiting for third consecutive payment from them....